Tuesday, May 22, 2012

NATO Kite Festival-Montrose Harbor

Rahm Emanuel's appearance  to NATO sponsored kite festival at Montrose Harbor cut short,
public relations stunt- FAIL.

"You give kites to kids in America but drop bombs on kids in Afghanistan"

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Maryville on Preservation Chicago's list of endangered buildings


 The group, Preservation Chicago, each year announces its "Chicago Seven" list to draw attention to the plight of historic buildings and encourage property owners, city officials and citizens groups to save and reuse them.

 Cuneo Hospital, 720 W. Montrose Ave., an iosyncratic modern design from 1957 by Edo Belli. Community opposition has thwarted the construction of a large-scale mixed-use complex that would have destroyed the vacant hospital, but the building's proximity to the lakefront still makes it a possible site for redevelopment and demolition, Preservation Chicago said.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"There Goes The Neighborhood"

10 Neighborhoods That Were Redefined by Gentrification

You know the old saying, "There goes the neighborhood"? In today's urban American real estate climate, it's more likely to mean that yuppies are moving into a lower-income neighborhood which ultimately will succumb to higher real estate prices, than that a neighborhood is becoming blighted by crime. 

 1. Andersonville, Chicago

  Andersonville has expanded into multiple portions of Uptown (to the south) and Edgewater (to the north). Neither has disappeared; they have just been made smaller by the changing boundaries.

"Uptown is a very racially diverse neighborhood in Chicago with a relatively high poverty rate with pockets of gentrification and pockets of concentrated poverty. The Argyle portion of Uptown has a [relatively large] population of Asian immigrants; a lot of Vietnamese and Chinese residents; a fair number of African Americans [and Latinos]; a long tradition of 'Lefty' activism in the neighborhood as well; and a lot of SRO's housing people with various disabilities," said Dr. Brown-Saracino. While some residents of Uptown have been pushed out by rising real estate prices, Dr. Brown-Saracino said that some of the housing there has remained affordable due to community activism.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Superior Doughnuts -Uptown on Stage

Superior Donuts, a play "set in the heart of one of Chicago’s most diverse communities, explores the challenges of embracing the past and the redemptive power of friendship" that has gone from  Steppenwolf Theatre to Broadway is currently showing in Boston with Lyric Stage Company.

The play focuses on the relationship between Arthur Przybyszewski, a former 1960s radical who owns a rundown donut shop in the Uptown Neighborhood of Chicago, and Franco Wicks, his energetic but troubled young black teenage assistant who wants to update the establishment with lively music and healthy menu options.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Occupy the Dream

An Occupy event remembering Martin Luther King Jr will be held this Sunday at the People's Church, 941 W. Lawrence.
From occupychi.org:
Come together with 1200 other people from across the Chicago are to celebrate the legacy of Dr. King and to continue his work of justice by holding Wall Street banks and corporations accountable!

Elected officials from across the Chicago area will be there, including aldermen, state legislators, and federal officials. We will be asking them to commit in front of hundreds of their constituents to hold banks and other big corporations accountable. We need you to participate in this event so that our elected officials know they're being watched!

 Hosted by:  IIRON - Indiana Illinois Regional Organizing Network, SOUL - Southsiders Organized for Unity and Liberation, Northside POWER, The Northwest Indiana Federation and Occupy Chicago!

Sunday, January 15, 2012 - 2:30pm
People's Church, 941 W. Lawrence

Monday, January 9, 2012

DuSable Museum Exhibit Features Uptown Resident

 Journey of Hope in America: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama will open at Chicago's DuSable Museum of African American History on martin Luther King Jr. Day, January 16th .  The exhibit has been in washington D.C., Japan and Ohio.

Journey of Hope

Uptown resident Jim Smoote II is one of the artist with artwork in this exhibit.

  Go check it out.  Exhibit closes on may 9th.